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Glasersfeld E. von (2001) Scheme theory as a key to the learning paradox. In: Philipp A. & Vonèche J. (eds.) Working with Jean Piaget: Essays in honour of Bärbel Inhelder. Psychology Press, London: 139–146. Fulltext at
Carl Bereiter’s article “Toward a solution of the learning paradox” appeared in 1985, was widely read and cited, but did not end the discussion about the “learning paradox.” My contribution is an attempt to show that it is in fact a spurious problem and that the paradox springs from unwarranted traditional views of knowledge and conceptualization. A constructivist orientation adopting Peirce’s notion of abduction and a particular interpretation of Jean Piaget’s scheme theory opens a different and perhaps more promising approach.
German translation: Die Schematheorie als Schlüssel zum Paradoxon des Lernens. In: Fischer H. R. & Schmidt S. J. (eds.) (2001) Wirklichkeit und Welterzeugung, In memoriam Nelson Goodman. Carl Auer, Heidelberg: 119–127

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