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Shapiro L. A. (2014) Book Review: Radicalizing enactivism: Basic minds without content. Mind 123(489): 213–220. Fulltext at
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Cromby J., Newton T. & Williams S. J. (2011) Neuroscience and subjectivity. Subjectivity 4(3): 215–226. Fulltext at
de Bruin L. & Michael J. (2017) Prediction error minimization: Implications for embodied cognition and the extended mind hypothesis. Brain and Cognition 112: 58–63. Fulltext at
Danziger K. (1997) The varieties of social construction. Theory & Psychology 7(3): 399–416. Fulltext at
Anderson M. L., Richardson M. J. & Chemero A. (2012) Eroding the boundaries of cognition: Implications of embodiment. Topics in Cognitive Science 4(4): 717–730. Fulltext at
Newen A., De Bruin L. & Gallagher S. (2018) 4E cognition: Historical roots, key concepts, and central issues. In: Newen A., De Bruin L. & Gallagher S. (eds.) The Oxford handbook of 4E cognition. Oxford University Press, Oxford: 3–15. Fulltext at
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Hegel G. W. F. (1977) Preface: On scientific cognition. In: Phenomenology of spirit (Translated by Arnold V. Miller). Oxford University Press, Oxford: 1–45. Fulltext at
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Krippner S. & Combs A. (2002) The neurophenomenology of Shamanism: An essay review. Journal of Consciousness Studies 9(3): 77–82. Fulltext at
Fabry R. E. (2018) Betwixt and between: The enculturated predictive processing approach to cognition. Synthese 195(6): 2483–2518. Fulltext at
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Gonzalez-Grandón X. & Froese T. (2018) Grounding 4E cognition in Mexico: Introduction to special issue on spotlight on 4E Cognition research in Mexico. Adaptive Behavior 26(5): 189–198. Fulltext at
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