Key word "philosophical concepts"

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Kauffman L. H. (2005) EigenForm. Kybernetes 34(1/2): 129–150. Fulltext at
Kingsley P. (2011) The Socratic dialogue in asynchronous online discussions: Is constructivism redundant? Campus-Wide Information Systems 28(5): 320–330. Fulltext at
Maturana H. R. (2005) The origin and conservation of self-consciousness: Reflections on four questions by Heinz von Foerster. In: Riegler A. (ed.) Heinz von Foerster – in memoriam. Kybernetes: The International Journal of Systems & Cybernetics 34(1–2): 54–88. Fulltext at
Umpleby S. A. (2005) What I learned from Heinz von Foerster about the construction of science. Kybernetes 34(1/2): 278–294. Fulltext at
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