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Fischer T. (2008) Obstructed magic: On the myths of observing designing and of sharing design observations. In: Nakpan W., Mahaek E., Teeraparbwong K. & Nilkaew P. (eds.) Proceedings of the 13th CAADRIA. Pimniyom Press, Chiang Mai: 278–284. Fulltext at
Fischer T. (2011) One-behind-the-many metaphysics and the myriad things. In: Herr C. M., Gu N., Roudayski S. & Schnabel M. A. (eds.) Proceedings of the 16th CAADRIA Conference. School of Architecture and Built Environment. The University of Newcastle, Newcastle: 623–632. Fulltext at
Fischer T. (2011) When is analog? When is digital? Kybernetes 40(7/8): 1004–1014. Fulltext at
Fischer T. (2012) Design enigma: A typographical metaphor for epistemological processes, including designing. In: Fischer T., Biswas K. D., Ham R. T., Naka R. & Huang W. (eds.) Proceedings of the 17th CAADRIA Conference. Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA), Hong Kong: 679–688. Fulltext at
Pangaro P. (2017) Questions for conversation theory or conversation theory in one hour. Kybernetes 46(9): 1578–1587. Fulltext at
Rupert R. (2011) Embodiment, consciousness, and the massively representational mind. Philosophical Topics 39(1): 99–120. Fulltext at
Medina J. (2013) An enactivist approach to the imagination: Embodied enactments and “fictional emotions”. American Philosophical Quarterly 50(3): 317–335. Fulltext at
Roberts T. (2013) Review of: Hutto and Myins’ Radicalising enactivism: Basic minds without content. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2013(05.16). Fulltext at
Beer R. (2003) The dynamics of active categorical perception in an evolved model agent. Adaptive Behavior 11(4): 209–243. Fulltext at
Clark A. (1999) An embodied cognitive science. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 3(9): 345–351. Fulltext at
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