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Cyzman M. (2015) Jak radykalna może być radykalna koncepcja interpretacji? O nie-dualizuj�cym modelu interpretacji Josefa Mitterera [How radical may be the radical concept of interpretation? On the non-dualizing model of interpretation by Josef Mitterer]. Przegl�d Kulturoznawczy 23(1): 1–14. Fulltext at
Topolovccan T. & Matijevic M. (2016) Constructivist learning and digital media. In: Ogunleyele J. (ed.) Research papers on knowledge, innovation and enterprise. Volume IV. World Education Fellowship International, Berlin: 78–97. Fulltext at
Topolovccan T. & Matijevic M. (2017) Critical thinking as a dimension of constructivist learning: Some of the characteristics of students of lower secondary education in croatia. Center for Educational Policy Studies Journal 7(3): 47–66. Fulltext at
West D. & Travis L. (1991) From society to landscape: Alternative metaphors for artificial intelligence. AI Magazine 12(2): 69–83. Fulltext at
West D. & Travis L. (1991) The computational metaphor and artificial intelligence: A reflective examination of a theoretical falsework. AI Magazine 12(2): 64–79. Fulltext at
Villegas M. (1992) Hermenéutica y constructivismo en psicoterapia [Hermeneutics and constructivism in psychotherapy]. Revista de Psicoterapia 12: 5–16. Fulltext at
Botella L. (1995) Personal construct psychology, constructivism and postmodern thought. In: Neimeyer R. A. & Neimeyer G. J. (eds.) Advances in personal construct psychology. Volume 3. JAI Press, Greenwich CT: 3–35. Fulltext at
Iacono A. M. (2002) Francisco Varela and the concept of autonomy. European Journal of Psychoanalysis 15(%P). Fulltext at
Varela F. J. (2002) The point of view of the researcher: The cognitive sciences. European Journal of Psychoanalysis 15(%P). Fulltext at
Napolitani D. (2002) Essays on and by Francisco Varela: An occasion. European Journal of Psychoanalysis 15(%P). Fulltext at
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