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Dieguez S. (2018) The Illusion Illusion. Constructivist Foundations 14(1): 108–110. Fulltext at
Roel Lesur M., Gaebler M., Bertrand P. & Lenggenhager B. (2018) Authors’ Response: On the Components and Future Experimental Setups of Bodily Illusions/Aliefs. Constructivist Foundations 14(1): 111–113. Fulltext at
Gallagher S. (2018) Dynamics and Dialectic. Constructivist Foundations 14(1): 114–117. Fulltext at
Feiten T. E. (2018) The Truth Is (Not) Out There - Enactivism Inside and Out. Constructivist Foundations 14(1): 118–121. Fulltext at
Ceruti M. & Damiano L. (2018) Plural embodiment(s) of mind: Genealogy and guidelines for a radically embodied approach to mind and consciousness. Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2204. Fulltext at
Miłkowski M., Clowes R. W., Rucińska Z., Przegalińska A., Zawidzki T., Gies A., Krueger J., McGann M., Afeltowicz Ł., Wachowski W. M. & Stjernberg F. (2018) From wide cognition to mechanisms: A silent revolution. Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2393. Fulltext at
Edwards D., Ashmore M. & Potter J. (1995) Death and furniture: The rhetoric, politics and theology of bottom line arguments against relativism. History of the Human Sciences 8(2): 25–49. Fulltext at
Wortham S. (1996) Are constructs personal? Theory & Psychology 6: 79–84. Fulltext at
Kee H. (2018) Phenomenology and naturalism in autopoietic and radical enactivism: Exploring sense-making and continuity from the top down. Synthese : online first. Fulltext at
Demšar E. (2017) The circular character of the conceptual space of cognitive science: Between scientific and lived realities of the mind. . Fulltext at
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