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Mpodozis J., Fredes F., Sentis E., Tapia S., Marin G., Letelier J. C. & Maturana H. R. (2005) A detailed study of the rotundo-entopallial projections in the pigeon (Columba Livia). Journal of Physiology 565P: C116.
Mpodozis J., Letelier J. C. & Maturana H. R. (1995) Nervous system as a closed neuronal network: Behavioral and cognitive consequences. In: Mira J. & Sandoval F. (eds.) From natural to artificial neural computation: International workshop on artificial neural networks, Malaga-Torremolinos, Spain, June 7–9, 1995 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science: 930). Springer Verlag, Berlin: 130–136. Fulltext at
Mpodozis J., Letelier J. C., Concha M. L. & Maturana H. R. (1995) Conduction velocity groups in the retino-tectal and retino-thalamic visual pathways of the pigeon (Columbia livia). The International Journal of Neuroscience 81(1–2): 123–136.
Mugerauer B. (2013) Maturana and Varela: From autopoiesis to systems applications. In: Arnold D. (ed.) Traditions of systems theory: Major figures and contemporary developments. Routledge, New York: 170–190.
Ortiz-Ocaña A. (2015) La concepción de Maturana acerca de la conducta y el lenguaje humano. Revista CES Psicología 8(2): 182–199. Fulltext at
Ortiz-Ocaña A. (2017) El pensamiento filosófico de Humberto Maturana: La autopoiesis como fundamento de la ciencia [The philosophical thinking of Humberto Maturana: Autopoiesis as the foundation of science]. Revista Espacios 38: 31. Fulltext at
Paucar-Caceres A. & Harnden R. (2011) Commentary on the Separate Prologues by Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela to the Second Edition of ‘De Máquinas y Seres Vivos – Autopoiesis: La organización de lo vivo’ – Twenty Years After. Systems Research and Behavioral Science 28(6): 577–580. Fulltext at
Podgórski J. S. (2010) Humberto Maturana’s view on the theory of evolution. From autopoiesis to natural drift metaphor. Ecological Questions 13: 81–87. Fulltext at
Pörksen B. (2001) Das Erkennen des Erkennens verpflichtet: Humberto R. Maturana über Wahrheit und Zwang, Strukturdeterminismus und Diktatur und die autopoiesis des lebendigen. In: Pörksen B. (ed.) Die Gewissheit der Ungewissheit: Gespräche zum Konstruktivismus. Carl-Auer, Heidelberg: 70–111.
Proulx J. (2008) Elaborations on Maturana and Varela’s theory of cognition: Some introductory notes on how this perspective dif erentiates itself from constructivist theories. Complicity: An international journal of complexity and education 5(1): 11–26. Fulltext at
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