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Cifarelli V. V. (2014) Perspectives on Teaching Architectural Design Based on a Radical Constructivist Model of Knowing. Constructivist Foundations 9(3): 403–404. Fulltext at
Open peer commentary on the article “Radical Constructivist Structural Design Education for Large Cohorts of Chinese Learners” by Christiane M. Herr. Upshot: Herr’s target article outlines a teaching approach that illustrates and explains how radical constructivism can be used to teach architectural design principles to a large cohort of students. Herr’s approach consists of a hybrid set of instructional activities whose implementation was supported by her establishment of a social climate in the classroom that encouraged the contributions of individuals in the learning process. The activities included the integration of lectures with other teaching formats, the use of open‑ended problem solving tasks, and the use of small‑group projects. I will discuss each of these activities and offer a recommendation for future research.


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