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Kravchenko A. (2014) Two views on the ecology of language and ecolinguistics (in Russian). Экология языка и коммуникативная практика 2: 90–99. Fulltext at
It is shown that the definition of the subject area of Haugenian ecolinguistics is methodologically inconsistent because of the implicit biomorphic metaphor, the language myth, and indiscrimination between the two different approaches to language known as cognitive internalism and cognitive externalism. A more consistent definition of language ecology is given, based on the biology of cognition as a theory of living systems; consequently, the subject area of ecolinguistics is defined differently, with a focus on the nature and function of language as a mode of organization of the living system (society) and its role in the development of the brain, thought, and mind. Relevance: Language ecology is defined, based on the biology of cognition



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