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Francovich C. (2010) An interpretation of the continuous adaptation of the self/environment process. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences 5: 307–322. Fulltext at
Insights into the nondual relationship of organism and environment and their processual nature have resulted in numerous efforts at understanding human behavior and motivation from a holistic and contextual perspective. Meadian social theory, cultural historical activity theory (CHAT), ecological psychology, and some interpretations of complexity theory persist in relating human activity to the wider and more scientifically valid view that a process metaphysics suggests. I would like to articulate a concept from ecological psychology – that of affordance – and relate it to aspects of phenomenology and neuroscience such that interpretations of the self, cognition, and the brain are understood as similar to interpretations of molar behaviors exhibited in social processes. Experience with meditation as a method of joining normal reflective consciousness with “awareness” is described and suggested as a useful tool in coming to better understand the nondual nature of the body. Relevance: The article directly addresses problems and strategies for conceptualizing and working with nondual phenomena and the paradoxes therein.



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