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Scott B. (2014) Education for cybernetic enlightenment. Cybernetics & Human Knowing 21(1-2): 199–205. Fulltext at
The paper highlights the need for education that is truly enlightening, an education that provides reflexive awareness of what it is to be a human social actor, one that is empowering for self-determination, one that makes clear the nature of ethical choices, in particular, the choice between, on the one hand, selfless service for the greater good or, on the other hand, the pursuit of short-term personal goals. The paper sets itself in the context of the many problems that are facing humankind globally in the 21st century. The main thesis is that an education for awareness is a necessary part of any putative solutions for dealing with the global problems holistically. I set out in outline the curriculum for such an education. In spirit, the curriculum in itself is not new. What is innovative is the use of concepts from cybernetics to to give form and content to that curriculum.

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