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Glasersfeld E. von (1999) How do we mean? A constructivist sketch of semantics (Special issue "Radical Constructivism in education" edited by Marie Larochelle). Cybernetics & Human Knowing 6(1): 9–16. Fulltext at
The current frequent use of the words ‘information’, ‘communication’, ‘representation’, and ‘meaning’ introduces misleading metaphors into some of our most important social interactions. The paper presents an outline of the constructivist approach to the underlying phenomena as a more adequate and productive way of thinking – it shows linguistic ‘meaning’ to be the result of individuals’ reflection upon their experience.
Italian translation: Cosa intendi? Bozza di semantica costruttiva. (translated by I.P. Bolognesi),, Reprinted as chapter 5 in Glasersfeld E. von (2008) Key works in radical constructivism. Edited by M. Larochelle

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