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Riegler A. (2005) Like cats and dogs: Radical constructivism and evolutionary epistemology. In: Gontier N., van Bendegem J. P. & Aerts D. (eds.) Evolutionary epistemology, language and culture: A non-adaptationist, systems theoretical approach. Springer-Verlag, Dordrecht: 47–65. Fulltext at
I identify two similarities between evolutionary epistemology (EE) and radical constructivism (RC): (1) They were founded primarily by biologists and (2) their respective claims can be related to Kant. Despite this fact there seems to be an abyss between them. I present an attempt to reconcile this gap and characterize EE as the approach that focuses on external behaviour, while RC emphasizes the perspective from within. The central concept of hypothetical realism is criticized as unnecessarily narrowing down the scope of EE. Finally, methodological and philosophical conclusions are drawn.

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