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Scott B. (2007) The cybernetics of Gordon Pask. In: Glanville R. & Müller K. H. (eds.) Gordon Pask, philosopher mechanic: An introduction to the cybernetician’s cybernetician. Echoraum, Vienna: 29–52. Fulltext at
This review of the work of Gordon Pask is in two parts, ordered chronologically. The first part concludes with reference to a seminal paper Park 1969a in which Pask argued the need for a cybernetics which could successfully address itself, in a full-blooded sense, to the problem of human cognition and consciousness. The requirements to be met by such a theory were spelled out; their statement represented the distillation of Park’s work as a cybernetician which, at that stage, already spanned nearly two decades. Pask responded to his own challenge and in the following years in association with Kallikourdis and Scott produced what he, himself, recognised as his major work: conversation theory and its several applications in education and decision making. Conversation theory and its chief areas of application are addressed in Part 2 of this article.
Originally published as Scott B. (1980) The cybernetics of Gordon Pask, part 1, International Cybernetics Newsletter 17: 327-336, and Scott B. (1982) The cybernetics of Gordon Pask, part 2. International Cybernetics Newsletter 24: 479-491.

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