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Varela F. J. & Thompson E. (1990) Color vision: A case study for the foundations of cognitive science. Revue de Synthèse 111(1): 129–138. Fulltext at
The paper unfolds in three stages. In the first, we briefly review some current work in the study of color vision. This view will then be taken to a critical limit in the second stage, through what we like to call the comparative argument. It purports to demonstrate the mode in which color vision is an ecologically embedded activity rather a form of information processing. We warn the reader immediately that we do not construe this in any way as a form of subjectivist view that color is a type of sensation, nor as a Lockean view that color is a form of secondary disposition. The comparative argument, we argue, allows to go beyond both those classical positions. This is done in the third and final part where we layout an enactive view of color.
French: Thill G., Feltz B. & Lambert D. (eds.) Le cerceau pluriel. Editions Ciaco, Brussels: 15–26.

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