Publication 1964

Bersini H. & Varela F. J. (1991) Hints for adaptive problem solving gleaned from immune networks. In: Schwefel H.-P. & Männer R. (eds.) Parallel Problem Solving from Nature, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 496. Springer Verlag, Berlin: 343–354. Fulltext at
Biology gives us numerous examples of self-assertional systems whose essence does not precede their existence but is rather revealed through it. Immune system is one of them. The fact of behaving in order not only to satisfy external constraints as a pre-fixed set of possible environments and objectives, but also to satisfy internal “viability” constraints justifies a sharper focus. Adaptability, creativity and memory are certainly interesting “side-effects” of such a tendency for self-consistency. However in this paper, we adopted a largely pragmatic attitude attempting to find the best hybridizing between the biological lessons and the engineering needs. The great difficulty, also shared by neural net and GA users, remains the precise localisation of the frontier where the biological reality must give way to a directed design.


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