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Varela F. J. (1987) Laying down a path in walking: A biologist’s look at a new biology. Cybernetic 2: 6–15. Fulltext at
Reprinted in: ReVision 9(1): 93–99, 1986., Also: Grof S. (ed.) Consciousness and human survival, SUNY Press, 1987., Also: Thompson W. (ed.) Gaia: A way of knowing. Lindisfarne Press, Barrington MA., German: Fayerabend P. & Thomas C. (eds.) Leben mit den “Acht Todsünden der zivilisierten Menscheit”? Verlag der Fachvereine, Zürich: 307–325, 1987 (with a comment by P. Fayerabend, pp. 325–330)., Also in: Grof S. (ed.) Die Chance der Menscheit. Kösel, Munich: 155–168, 1988., French: 3e Millénaire 12: 40–50, 1989, Italian Thompson W. (ed.) Ecologia e autonomia. Feltrinelli, Milan, 1989.

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