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Varela F. J. (2004) La réduction phénoménologique à l’écoute de l’expérience: Réponse à François-David Sebbah. Intellectica 39: 189–197. Fulltext at
Excerpt: This reply is a plea for an integrated view of phenomena, the inquiry into a well-articulated stance that does not suffer from the apparent exclusion or claimed incompatibility between the transcendental and the empirical realms. […] My work in this domain has been entirely devoted to building the (necessary) case for a double perspective view of what is given, a perspective able to provide, as in a fused image, an in-depth view of phenomena. Sebbah makes of this tension the grounds for exclusion. But far from territorial claims, I believe we are confronted here with a creative modification on both sides of the dance. I concur with him that this new perspective is only possible on the basis of a re-examination of “reduction,” of what it is and what we accomplish through reduction.
Issue “Des lois de la pensée au constructivisme” edited by M. J. Durand-Richard

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