Publication 2193

Cherubini M., Gash H. & McCloughlin T. (2008) The DigitalSeed: An interactive toy for investigating plants. Journal of Biological Education 42(3): 123–129. Fulltext at
Plant growth, development and reproduction are fundamental concepts in biology; yet there is a recorded lack of motivation for young people to grapple with these concepts. Here we present the “DigitalSeed” toy for making investigations around these concepts more accessible to children through hands-on digital interaction. This is part of an on-going project investigating improved ways of learning involving digital media. To date, this project has addressed the learning of 4–5 year olds, but it is anticipated that the project could be extended to older children in mainstream and special needs education. In the case of older children, specific curricula requirements would be addressed, although this is a secondary goal. Relevance: The relevance to constructivism is that it provides an alternative approach to a difficult topic, viz., plant nutrition, where the learner must navigate between two realities: the virtual and the “real.”



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