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Densmore S. B. (2015) Autopoiesis and the Phenomenology of Recurring Problems: An Exploration of the Problem-Space in Everyday Human Experience. . Fulltext at
Densmore explores the relationship that nine participants have with recurring, every-day problems. Employing hermeneutic phenomenology and second-order cybernetics as background, he reveals that a recurring problem is experienced as a describable, diagrammable phenomenological entity. Densmore shows how recurring problems are similar to the living systems described by Humberto Maturana (1970). He uses Max van Manen’s method of hermeneutic phenomenology (2014) to probe the structure of the recurring problems and their connection to the people who experience them. He suggests that the structure of these problems can be similar to the structure of living systems. The implication is that problem solving seems to be a struggle between two recursive, autopoietic systems: the solver and the recurring problem itself. The thesis concludes by highlighting recommended areas of future research and inquiry.


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