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Mandrigin A. & Thompson E. (2015) Own-Body Perception. In: Matthen M. (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Perception. Oxford University Press: 515–529. Fulltext at
‘Own-body perception’ refers to the perception of one’s body as one’s own body. The chapter reviews various disruptions to own-body perception, including what is known about their neural correlates. It argues that it is crucial to distinguish between the sense of ownership for one’s body as an object of perception – the body-as-object – and the sense of ownership for one’s body as that by which and through which one perceives the world – the body-as-subject. Despite the fact that illusory own-body perception provides an excellent case for illustrating this distinction, most discussions to date of own-body perception have failed to make this distinction and apply it to the various clinical and experimental findings. The chapter summarizes one recent model of the body-as-subject, according to which the body-as-subject is based on sensorimotor integration. Finally, it uses this model to clarify the phenomenon of illusory own-body perception, and it suggests directions for future research.


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