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Thompson E., Lutz A. & Cosmelli D. (2005) Neurophenomenology: An introduction for neurophilosophers. In: Brook A. & Akins K. (eds.) Cognition and the brain: The philosophy and neuroscience movement. Cambridge University Press, New York: 40–97. Fulltext at
One of the major challenges facing neuroscience today is to provide an explanatory framework that accounts for both the subjectivity and neurobiology of consciousness. Although neuroscientists have supplied neural models of various aspects of consciousness, and have uncovered evidence about the neural correlates of consciousness (or NCCs), there nonetheless remains an ‘explanatory gap’ in our understanding of how to relate neurobiological and phenomenological features of consciousness. […] Neurophenomenology is a neuroscientific research program whose aim is to make progress on these issues associated with the explanatory gap. In this paper we give an overview of the neurophenomenological approach to the study of consciousness.

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