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Petitmengin C. & Bitbol M. (2009) The validity of first-person descriptions as authenticity and coherence. In: Petitmengin C. (ed.) Ten years of viewing from within: The legacy of Francisco Varela. Imprint Academic, Exeter: 363–404. Fulltext at
This article is devoted to the description of the experience associated with listening to a sound. In the first part, we describe the method we used to gather descriptions of auditory experience and to analyse these descriptions. This work of explicitation and analysis has enabled us to identify a threefold generic structure of this experience, depending on whether the attention of the subject is directed towards (1) the event which is at the source of the sound, (2) the sound in itself, considered independently from its source, (3) the felt sound. In the second part of the article, we describe this structure. The third part is devoted to a discussion of these results and the paths they open up in various fields of theoretical and applied research.


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