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Gash H. (2015) Systems and values. In: G. E. Lasker & K. Hiwaki (eds.) Personal and Spiritual Development in the World of Cultural Diversity. Vol XIl. International Institute for Advanced Studies, Tecumseh Ontario: 7–11. Fulltext at
Belief systems form the background to this paper (Gash, 2015). Central in that discussion were constructivist insights into thinking such as taking responsibility for our knowledge, recognising its limits, understanding the role of difference, our need for certainty and feedback. Here values are examined from a constructivist systemic perspective. Values arise from difference, then classes of valued things emerge at different levels. It is important to understand (1) the “rational” basis of values and (2) that operating in indefinable domains has implications for the way values influence decisions. Intransigence may follow from values being personal. Relevance: Applying constructivist approaches to values

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