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Stewart J. (2014) Immune self and non-sense. In: Cappuccio M. & Froese T. (eds.) Enactive cognition at the edge of sense-making: Making sense of non-sense. Palgrave Macmillan, Houndmills: 105–122. Fulltext at
This chapter presents two rival paradigms in immunology, a field where the theme “Sense and Non-sense” has particular relevance. According to classical immunology, the immune system can potentially perceive everything; and it triggers the destruction of everything that it actually perceives. Consequently, in order to avoid self-destruction, this sort of immune system perceives everything except its own body. The alternative paradigm is based on autopoiesis: What we see – Is not what we see But what we are. This chapter presents computer simulations based on a mathematical model of an idiotypic network, which involves morphogenesis in shape-space. The choice between these two paradigms involves value-judgments; this reflexively poses the theme of sense-making at a higher-level of abstraction.

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