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Pask G. (1981) Organisational closure of potentially conscious systems. In: Zelany M. (ed.) Autopoiesis. North Holland Elsevier, New York: 265–307. Fulltext at
In this paper I attempt to give a systematic theoretical account of my own ideas. which originated independently (whatever that means. and I am no longer at all certain) but fell into the context about I 5 years ago of those of von Foerster, Maturana, and Varela. The concept of organizational closure is crucial to a psychological or social “theory of conversations,” in which the minimal conscious autopoietic system is known as a “P individual” (psychological individual). The empirical background for my own work came in part from studies of complex skill learning, especially from detailed examination of the conceptual mechanisms of educational psychology. More recently the work has been augmented by studies, in similarly detail of enquiry, concerned with complex decision making, social organization innovation (creativity, design, and the burgeoning field of applied epistemology).


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