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Ravn I. (1991) What should guide reality construction? In: Steier F. (ed.) Research and reflexivity. Sage Publications, London: 96–114. Fulltext at
Excerpt: What should guide reality construction? If we are not forced to reproduce the given social reality, what alternative realities should we try to construct – what economic institutions, what foreign policies, what roles for the sexes, what schooling, what care for the sick? In this chapter I want to propose a model that includes both sides of the coin: the liberation side emphasized by the constructivist writers, and the commitment side under-emphasized by them. These two aspects of the good life will be combined into a simple model that describes some common ethical positions (relativism and absolutism) as distorted or degenerate cases of an ideal case. This model is offered as a framework for a discussion of the values problem in constructivism, particularly in social research from a constructivist approach.

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