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Kilpatrick J. (1987) What constructivism might be in mathematics education. In: Bergeron J. C., Herscovics N. & Kieran C. (eds.) Proceedings of the Eleventh Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education. University of Montreal, Montreal: 3–27. Fulltext at
Excerpt: It is tempting to begin by comparing the constructivist movement in mathematics education, at least as it is being manifested in the United States, to any of the waves of religious fundamentalism that have swept our society in its three-and-a-half-century history. A siege mentality that seeks to spread the word to an uncomprehending, fallen world; a band of true believers whose credo demands absolute faith and unquestioning commitment, whose tolerance for debate is minimal, and who view compromise as sin; an apocalyptic vision that governs all of life, answers all questions, and puts an end to doubt-these are some of the parallels that might be drawn.

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