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Hoffjann O. (2009) Public Relations als Differenzmanagement von externer Kontextsteuerung und unternehmerischer Selbststeuerung [Public relations as difference management of external governance and business self-governance]. Medien & Kommunikationswissenschaft 57 (3): 299–315. Fulltext at
PR’s roots as research subject in communication studies lie within its recognition as a source of journalism. This may explain why PR is still reduced to ist role as an external communicator of organizations. In this article, I will suggest – on a system-theoretical basis – to regard business self-governance, i.e. the influence on the company’s policies, as equiivalent to external self-governance, i.e. the self-presentation capacity of PR. Furthermore, I will suggest understanding PR as difference management of external governance and business self-governance; while the context governance will always be the preferred aspect.


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