Publication 334

Noe E., Alrøe H. F. & Langvad A. M. S. (2008) A polyocular framework for research on multifunctional farming and rural development. Sociologia Ruralis 48(1): 1–15. Fulltext at
The aim of this paper is to contribute to a theoretical and methodological platform for multidisciplinary research on multifunctional farming. With the notions of polyocular cognition and polyocular communication we introduce a second order, interdisciplinary communication process that can meet the challenge of creating a shared view on multifunctional farming by extending a multidimensional space of understanding. Polyocular communication must be based on other rules than the rules of the involved disciplines. This perspectivist approach to the understanding of science is a suggestion for how to lay a foundation for constructivist approaches to science.


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