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Russell D. & Ison R. (2004) Maturana’s Intellectual Contribution: A Choreography of Conversation and Action. Cybernetics & Human Knowing 11(2): 36–48. Fulltext at
Humberto Maturana’s concept of conversation as the braiding of emotion and language has been the basis of the authors’ framework-for-action, proving its usefulness across a number of research and consulting initiatives. We agree with Maturana’s claim that learning and change take place in a relational space, over time, and as a consequence of engagements shaped by the participants’ emotions. This paper is a tribute to the joy, and at times the frustration, that both authors have experienced from an ongoing conversation with Maturana’s work and our desire, wherever possible, to put it to the test. The paper will refer to research that illustrates the researcher as chorographer (one practiced in the systematic description of regions) and as choreographer (one practiced in the design of dance arrangements) of the emotions.

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