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Lerman S. (1994) Articulating theories of mathematics learning. In: Ernest E. (ed.) Constructing mathematical knowledge: Epistemology and mathematics education. Falmer Press, London: 44–53. Fulltext at
Excerpt: Constructivism is certainly the dominant theory, but it is being subjected to much criticism. Not that this is new for constructivism; it gained in support during the 1980s despite strong attacks and even political manœuvrings in its early days. In this chapter I will attempt to create the written equivalent of a snapshot. What can be seen in the picture is a scene at one instant. By the time the snapshot has been developed, when the book is published, the scene will look different, people and places will have moved on. Yet the snapshot will have captured something, although I do not pretend that the snapshot has captured any ‘truth’, however temporary. It is my fiction as I write it, and the reader’s fiction as it is read. It is a photo-journalist’s creation: the angle, the light, the subjects, all chosen to convey the effect the photo-journalist wishes to be seen, to carry that particular story.

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