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Rychlak J. F. (1990) George Kelly and the concept of construction. International Journal of Personal Construct Psychology 3: 7–19. Fulltext at
A distinction is drawn between a predicational and a mediational model. Predication involves the act of affirming, denying, or qualifying broader patterns of meaning in relation to narrower or targeted patterns of meaning. Mediation occurs when something formed outside a process is taken in and comes to play a role in that process that is not intrinsic to it. Fundamental to predication is the fact that meanings under processing are oppositional. George Kelly’s theoretical understanding of construction was as a predicational process. The term construction is often confounded with these two views of cognition. Kelly’s interpretation of construction is contrasted with the cognitive approach of Piaget and the social constructionist views of Harre and Gergen. It is demonstrated that Kelly’s clearer understanding of construction as a predicational process enables him to lend the individual a capacity for personal agency that the other theories fail to capture

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