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Clancey W. J. (1995) A boy scout, Toto, and a bird: How situated cognition is different from situated robotics. In: Steels L. & Brooks R. (eds.) The artificial life route to artificial intelligence: Building situated embodied agents. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Hillsdale NJ: 227–236. Fulltext at
Excerpt: I claim that a mechanism that reconstructs and re-coordinates processes, rather than stores and retrieves labeled descriptions or procedures, is more consistent with what we know about human memory and perception (Clancey 1991, 1994). Such a process memory possibly cannot be built today, because we don’t know how to build the kind of self-organizing mechanism that is required (cf. Freeman 1991). But articulating how human cognition is different from a classical architecture helps delineate what aspects of situated robotic designs are still cast in the classical mold and remain to be freed of prevailing assumptions about the nature of memory and representations.

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