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Müller A. (2017) Jean Piaget und die Erfindung von Radikalem Konstruktivismus und Kybernetik Zweiter Ordnung. In: Kanzian C., Kletzl S., Mitterer J. & Neges K. (eds.) Realism – relativism – constructivism. De Gruyter, Berlin: 73–82. Fulltext at
It is not unusual to associate the rise of Radical Constructivism and Second Order Cybernetics. For example Ranulph Glanville equalized the two terms in his formula “Radical constructivism = Second order cybernetics.” The works of Jean Piaget were absorbed by three (co)founding fathers of Radical Constructivism, namely Ernst von Glasersfeld, Heinz von Foerster and Ranulph Glanville and gained massive influence since the early seventies. While von Glasersfeld coined the term Radical Constructivism, von Foerster and Glanville spelled out many of its implications. Von Foerster quotes Piaget since 1973/74 in his discussions concerning cognition and the construction of reality. Also in the work of von Glasersfeld Piaget took a key role. Piaget’s work stands at the very beginning of his Radical Constructivism. Also Glanville’s dissertation, which was concerned with the concept of ‘object’ took many hints from Piaget’s works on the constancy of objects.

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