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Gaugusch A. (2001) (Re)constructing (virtual) reality. In: Riegler A., Peschl M., Edlinger K., Fleck G. & Feigl W. (eds.) Virtual reality: Cognitive foundations, technological issues & philosophical implications. Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main: 221–230. Fulltext at
One of the central questions of present-day philosophy concerns the link between “language” and “world.” The aim of this essay is to question this link and its assumptions and to develop a non-dualistic view within the context of “virtual reality.” The utility of such a non-dualism is demonstrated in an interdisciplinary discourse in the context of the epistemology of radical constructivism, in the context of current reflection on “consciousness,” and in the context of the neuroscientific and philosophical question of how it is possible that the on/off-principle of neurones conveys “consciousness of something.”

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