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Becerra G. (2016) De la autopoiesis a la objetividad: La epistemología de Maturana en los debates constructivistas [From autopoiesis to objectivity: Maturana’s epistemology within the constructivist debates]. Opción. Revista de ciencias humanas y sociales 32(80): 66–87. Fulltext at
This paper analyzes Humberto Maturana’s understanding abour the objectivity of scientific knowledge through a critical dialogue with other contemporary epistemological constructivist theories. The two subjects discussed are the relations between knowledge-reality and knowledge-society, which are the most common senses that guide the philosophical discussion about objectivity. This paper also includes a systematization of the main theses of Matuana’s biology of cognition, and a brief evaluation of the role of the notion of “autopoiesis” for the understanding of objectivity.


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