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Masciotra D., Morel D. & Ruiz J. (2012) Transmettre le savoir technique ou développer l’action: Une approche de l’énaction et la méthode ASCAR en ETP [Transmitting technical knowledge or developing action: An enactive approach and the ASKAR method in TPE]. Revue Education thérapeutique du patient 4(1): 1–10. Fulltext at
Therapeutic patient education (TPE) is particularly important in cases of chronic illness, where the patient is expected to assume responsibility for on-going management and control. Typically, TPE is based on the traditional school model of education, targeting the acquisition of technical knowledge independent of the real-life situations in which it is constructed and develops. The transmission of such knowledge, however, appears to be relatively ineffective in helping patients manage the complex problems that confront them in their everyday lives. Enaction offers an alternative theoretical framework by highlighting the structural coupling of the patient and her evolving experiential world. In line with this framework, the authors propose the ASKAR method (named after the five components of experience: Action, Situation, Knowledge, Attitude, and Resources) as a pedagogical tool for analyzing the educational needs of the patient and developing appropriate teaching-learning sequences to extend and enrich her experience and help her become increasingly autonomous. The aim of enactive TPE thus extends beyond that of self-care and self-management to embrace true self-realization.


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