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Broderick J. & Hong S. B. (2011) Introducing the cycle of inquiry system: A reflective inquiry practice for early childhood teacher development. Early Childhood Research & Practice 13(2). Fulltext at
The Cycle of Inquiry (COI) is a tool for emergent curriculum planning and for professional development of early childhood teachers and teacher education students. The COI guides teachers to document their observations of children’s learning, their interpretations of and questions about the developing knowledge they have observed, and their curricular designs for engaging children in the next steps in learning that are linked to the learning previously observed. Focusing curricular planning on observation and interpretation of children’s construction of knowledge allows teachers to plan for long-term learning experiences that are conceptually linked to children’s developing theories of the world. The documentation of teachers’ thinking in each phase of the COI process also supports teacher development by providing a format for teachers to reference their own thinking and construct new understanding about their teaching practice.


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