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Pask G. (1992) Correspondence, consensus, coherence and the rape of democracy. In: Van de Vijver G. (ed.) New Perspectives on cybernetics: Self-organization, autonomy and connectionism. Kluwer, Dordrecht: 221–232. Fulltext at
It is argued that a confusion among correspondence, consensus and coherence truth values is counterproductive, notably in the social field. Refinements of this rough categorization are discussed, as well as novel interpretations like dynamic coherence, akin to ‘hermeneutic’ truth regarded as ‘the iterative refinement of meaning’. It is maintained that dynamic coherence is fundamental to the other forms of truth prior to them, especially in specific domains of interpretation. Societal implications are considered insofar as a democratic organization is intended to exist, notably the difference between ‘unity’ and ‘uniformity’.

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