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Glasersfeld E. von & Poerksen B. (2004) We can never know what goes on in somebody else’s head: Ernst von Glasersfeld on truth and viability, language and knowledge, and the premises of constructivist education. In: Poerksen B. (ed.) The certainty of uncertainty: Dialogues introducing constructivism. Imprint Academic, Exeter: 25–45. Fulltext at
Excerpt: Three principal research interests have made [Ernst von Glasersfeld] one of the well-known founders of constructivism. He systematically scoured the history of European philosophy for varieties of epistemological scepticism and set up an ancestral gallery reaching back to the insights of the ancient sceptics of the 4th century B. C. He replaced the classical realist concept of truth by the idea of viability: theories need not and do not correspond with what is real, he says, but they must be practi-||cable and useful, they must be viable. Finally, he introduced the work of the Swiss developmental psychologist, Jean Piaget, into the constructivist debate.

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