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Brenner A. (2011) Living life and making life. In: Tymieniecka A.-T. (ed.) Phenomenology/ontopoiesis retrieving geo-cosmic horizons of antiquity: Logos and life. Springer, Dordrecht: 91–102. Fulltext at
The question “What is life?” has long been a major discussion point in all cultures. Nowadays whilst both Synthetic Biology and the Computer Sciences are trying to create life the question on life is becoming even more important. In oder to answer this question the paper will present the biophilosophy of Humberto Maturana and Francesco Varela. The paper aims to display that this biophilosophy is very close to Husserlian phenomenology. It will be shown that a living system is autonomous and an creation by its own and dependent from its environment which is made by the living entity itself. Living entities cannot be understood without their own logos.

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