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Di Paolo E. A. & De Jaegher H. (2019) Microphenomenology of First Encounters: A Sympathetic Critique. Constructivist Foundations 14(2): 185–187. Fulltext at
Open peer commentary on the article “Meeting You for the First Time: Descriptive Categories of an Intersubjective Experience” by Magali Ollagnier-Beldame & Christophe Coupé. Abstract: Microphenomenological methods provide important sources of experiential data for the investigation of intersubjectivity. We discuss complementarities with the PRISMA method, and surmise that microphenomenological investigations must be articulated within larger epistemic cycles in conjunction with other disciplines. In particular, we suggest that while a certain interpretive bracketing is needed during the interviews themselves, this is not the case for the analysis of the gathered data, which should rely on more explicit theoretical perspectives. We exemplify this point by suggesting patterns that may be looked for in the data from the perspective of participatory sense-making theory.


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