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Pascal F. & O’Regan J. K. (2008) Commentary on Mossio and Taraborelli: Is the enactive approach really sensorimotor? Consciousness and Cognition 17(4): 1341–1342. Fulltext at
Excerpt: Mossio and Taraborelli’s purpose was to revitalize the different families of ecological approaches as proper scientific the- ories by distinguishing the Gibsonian and sensorimotor sub-currents with their different notions of active perception, and then showing how each approach has its scientific merits. We suggest that their analysis is correct if the original enactive approaches such as Varela (1996), Thompson and Varela (2001), and Maturana (2002) are excluded: such neurophenome- nological approaches have no scientifically verifiable link with the external world and should not be classified with senso- rimotor approaches.

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