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Florentin-Mogonea R. & Mogonea F. (2014) The constructivist teaching and the optimization of learning through cognitive maps. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences 128: 164–168. Fulltext at
This study analyzes the optimization of the cognitive map, as knowledge and understanding tool that complies with constructivist paradigm. The experiment carried out on a group of subjects, formed of students – future teachers within the University of Craiova has shown the advantages and disadvantages of the cognitive map in studying some of the subjects enclosed in the curriculum plan of the teaching training module. The results obtained by the students of the experimental group confirmed the research objectives and hypotheses. We succeeded in demonstrating the fact that using this tool in the activities developed with students contributes to the optimization of their school results. As well, it has also been confirmed the connection between the optimization of activities in pairs or small groups, based on collaboration, in a faster understanding of concepts of scientific contents and in solving some misunderstandings that the students had related to these contents. The results obtained lead at the same time to new perspectives in studying this subject related to academic learning.


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