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Maheux J.-F. & Gandell R. (2019) Authors’ response: Flying Kites and the Textility of Problematizing. Constructivist Foundations 15(1): 73–77. Fulltext at
Abstract: We briefly discuss how far we take metaphors for learning or doing mathematics while challenging the descriptive-prescriptive paradigm in favor of a larger view of research and language (use) emphasizing the evocative and provocative texture of our work and Ingold’s writing. In so doing, we also bring forth an ethical dimension to research writing, which may help situate what we did not present, discuss and suggest in the target article: missing fragments, students’ backgrounds, teachers’ potential roles and direct implications or recommendations, for example. Finally, we also offer a reflection on how our study contributes to research through both its similarities to and distinctions from other conceptualisations. Jean-François Maheux & Robyn Gandell


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