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Kull K. P. & Torop P. (2003) Biotranslation: Translation between Umwelten. In: Petrilli S. (ed.) Translation translation. Rodopi, Amsterdam/New York: 315–328. Fulltext at
The concept of translation is redefined in a way that allows us to apply it to sign processes in non-humans. An approach to biology that makes organisms understandable via translation technology which is able to transmit the life of a sign system, the meaning of a biotext, without destroying it, is an aim for any biologist. Biotranslation, as distinct from eutranslation, occurs as a general process in message transfer between the Umwelten of organisms, including both intraspecific and in some cases also interspecific translation. Defining translation as transmission between Umwelten generalizes the notion of translation as transmission between languages. Since biological texts differ from human texts particularly at the level of syntactic elements, present to a lesser extent in the former, the concept of prosyntax is introduced for biological situations.

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