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Smythies J. (2003) Space, time and consciousness. Journal of Consciousness Studies 10(3): 47–56. Fulltext at
This paper describes a new theory of consciousness based on previous work by C. D. Broad, H. H. Price, Andrei Linde and others. This hypothesis states that the Universe consists of three fundamental entities – space-time, matter and consciousness, each with their own degrees of freedom. The paper pays particular attention to three areas that impact on this theory: (1) the demonstration by neuroscience and psychophysics that we do not perceive the world as it actually is but as the brain computes it most probably to be; (2) the need to delineate between phenomenal space-time and physical space-time. Recent theories in physics that suggest that the Universe has more than three spatial dimensions are relevant here; (3) the role of consciousness in the block Universe described by Special Relativity. The integration of these topics suggests a new physical theory of the nature of consciousness.

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