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Gash H. (2019) Constructivism and belief. In: Lasker G. E. & Hiwaki K. (eds.) Personal and spiritual development in the world of cultural diversity. Volume XVI. International Institute for Advanced Studies, Tecumseh ON: 13–17. Fulltext at
A fundamental feature of radical constructivism is its insistence that Reality is unknowable. However, everyday decisions usually proceed on the basis that one has a firm grasp of Reality. We need certainty and we usually correct errors we make so it is hard not to believe what we know. However, while some decisions are decidable, others undecidable. We may not be aware that when we try to solve a new problem we may use risky shortcuts called heuristics. Also, we may accept testimony on face value too often either because it fits what we think we know or because we want to fit into our social group. A next step would be to extend this type of analysis to faith in beliefs in science, politics and religion.

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