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Egner H. (2006) Autopoiesis, Form und Beobachtung – moderne Systemtheorie und ihr möglicher Beitrag für eine Integration von Human- und Physiogeographie [Autopoiesis, form and observation – modern systems theory and its potential contribution to the integration of human . Mitteilungen der Österreichischen Geographischen Gesellschaft 148: 92–108. Fulltext at
As it seems, geographers have based their concept and understanding of the world on the assumption that it consists of diverse systems – this is revealed by the way they refer to the earth system, ecosystems, economic systems, social systems etc. as a matter of course. In consequence, modern systems theory might serve as a kind of background theory for an integrating approach of both geographies. By focusing on three basic aspects of Niklas LUHMANN’s theory – autopoiesis, form and observation –, it becomes evident that his social systems theory conforms to the systems theories employed by diverse natural sciences. The author briefly reflects on the consequences geography – as a science – must anticipate when adopting a systems theoretical perspective. Fi- nally, some consideration is given to the strategies to be pursued by the geographies to enhance the success of integrative projects based on systems theories.


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