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Minnameier G., Hermkes R. & Mach H. (2015) Kognitive Aktivierung und Konstruktive Unterstützung als Prozessqualitäten des Lehrens und Lernens [Cognitive activation and constructive support as process qualities]. Zeitschrift für Pädagogik 61(6): 837–856. Fulltext at
Instructional research underlines the significance of cognitive activation and constructive support as features of the quality of teaching, with special emphasis on their conception as quality features of teaching-learning-processes. The focal point of recent debates has been the model of offer and use. Following this figure of offer and use, the task is to integrate not only offer-related stimuli (instruction, material, etc.), but also processes of the reconstruction of knowledge into the conception of teaching quality. The contribution therefore also takes into consideration argumentation-related approaches that allow for a reconstruction and an empirical recording of such processes of knowledge acquisition. Using the inferential theory of teaching and learning, a systematics is developed that forms the basis for the procedural conception of cognitive activation and constructive support. Finally, the operationalization and empirical recording of these constructs via video-graphic and video-analytical procedures is presented.


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